"Ismail from nice tint has been very professional & the quality of work is incredible.  You call & he makes a point to get your needs taken care of immediately.  I recommend him to everyone.  Great guy & pleasure to do business with."

- Bobby Rodrigues  Route 44 Toyota service manager

"We are a dealer who has used Ismail for window tinting for the past 2 years. He is a professional in every way who always goes the extra yard for us and our customers. Thanks for your great customer service. It is a pleasure doing business with you."

- Rob Grasso Borges Auto Center

"For the past several years we have used Nice tint window tint services for a wide array of applications: Cars, SUV’s, Buses, boats and buildings, and each of these possess its own challenges. But Ismail makes it look effortless and the results are consistently outstanding. He uses the best products and keeps his prices fair providing a great value to his customers. Finally, he is always pleasant and receptive to any suggestions that you have. Simply saying, Ismail is the best in the business."

- Michael Fish Fisher Bus Inc.

"I am the owner of a 2012 Kia Sorento, We had the crew from Nice Tint install film on all the windows of the vehicle, excluding the windshield. The vehicle already had the Factory tint on all the rear windows, but the sun was still bothering my toddler, when I had mentioned this to them they told me about the clear UV protection film that could be applied, so I had them install this film.  Once this film was applied I did away with the blanket that would stop the sun from beating on my child and she never complained again about the sun hitting her in the face.  I also had my two front doors filmed with the film and find a huge difference when driving."

- Tammy Somerset, MA

"I've been using Nice Tint for the last 6 years for my automotive and residential tinting. He has provided great service, is always on schedule, and is always a pleasure to talk with.  He doesn't waste any time and when the job is finished,,, it looks great.  He provides a great quality at a very good price.  It is always a pleasure."

- Jarid Gobeil Graphic Signs.

"I called Ismail to get my windows tinted and also looking to get my father’s windows tinted and I heard of izzi and was told he did a great job. I think they under sold him he came right out to a place near me and had me on the road sooner than he had said. He did an amazing job on my car and I have everyone commenting on my car now. Thanks Izzy I definitely will be recommending you to anyone who is looking to tint their windows."

- Dale Esker Route 44 Hyundai/Sales

"Thank you so much for the excellent tinting and protective film that you have done on my trucks and cars over the years.  My 07 maxima, 08 Chevy cargo van, 05 f250, 98 box truck, 05 Altima,07 range rover and Jeep Wrangler.  Also thank you for taking care of the people I have sent your way.  You always guarantee satisfaction and your prices are great! Thanks again."

- Matt Hiscock Hiscock Construction LLC

"We’ve exclusively use Nice-Tint for all our tinting needs as they have proven to be very dependable. Their quality of workmanship and service skills are definitely Five Stars in our book.  We would recommend them to anyone. Princess Limousine L.L.C. Paul Cabral Office Manager -Just want to thank you for doing the tints for the two RLX’s and one TL. They came out great. I appreciate you taking care of me with pricing. I already referred a few friends so you will be getting a call from them soon. Thank you again and hope to do business with you in the near future."

- Christian Kassis Prime Acura/Business Manager

"I'm the owner of Laspin in Dartmouth. After struggling with another company to find a window covering that would adequately "blackout" the windows of my business enough for black lights, I found Nice Tint who solved the problem immediately! Ismail met me at my business on a Saturday and quickly solved my problem. He did a great job on our large windows, and completed the job quickly. He was very professional, easy to get in contact with, and a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend Nice Tint!!!"

- Jen


Real Situations

  • Recently we were called to a business to tint their windows because they need to use some very precise laser equipment that the Sun glare was interfering with the reading of the equipment.
  • A Bar & Restaurant asked us to tint their windows to reduce the temperature of their glass room. After we tint it the customers felt a tremendous difference and expressed to us their gratitude.
  • A Home owner asked us to tint their windows because the Sun was damaging their hardwood floors, furniture and grand piano, he also mentioned that the Sun glare in some seasons of the year was unbearable. He also was very impressed with the difference the window tint made, especially because he choose a very clear film because he did not want the appearance of the glass to change.
  • Another home owner asked us to tint her windows because she had a lot of expensive artwork in the house and the Sun was fading it, problem resolved: No more fading.
  • A hospital asked us to tint their entrance glasses because the heat in the waiting area was unbearable.
  • A Dunkin Donuts owner asked us to tint the windows to reduce the heat inside of the place, customers were complaining of the heat, after we applied the window tint, customers no longer complained.